Eff You Spina Bifida!!

Having a real “eff you spina bifida” night here. Everything had been going fine. We went to the beach, didn’t do the cone for a couple of nights. Got home, got back to our routine and I thought we were doing okay. Then cathing went back and forth between dismal output a couple of times a day, and leaking considerably between caths. And we’re having aftershocks regularly when we hadn’t had any issues.
I bumped her solution down as the aftershocks weren’t very messy at all, mostly water (even when output at time of cone was ‘ideal’ consistency). They have lessened, but still happening.
Then tonight we are 3 hr after enema time and she’s had at least 4 little aftershocks. No activity to speak of to jostle things. We’ve just been relaxed and chillin’.

What. The. Flip. Is going on?!? I’m just so weary right now.

I feel like all day every day has to do with the bathroom. We’re cathing, coning, or cleaning up. 😩😩

JUST when I thought we had things figured out and she was even wearing underwear (no pad!) all day! No problems. Just pad at night since we don’t cath overnight. And even that was often dry in the morning.

Everything seemed to be going so well and now it all seems so wrong.



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