Today, Baby Girl graduated from physical therapy. Woot! Woot!

At least through the summer and likely into the fall. 😉

Doc said the surgery in September did what he expected it to do. All is well, it has healed well and brought about the changes he expected. However..

They weren’t quite enough. He had *hoped* he could get by with the less intervention. He had thought about doing more, but really hesitated releasing that other tendon. Often when that one is released, the kid is left with nothing at all. So after much thought and consideration, he chose to leave that one alone and hope the release of the one was enough.

But it wasn’t. Yes, what she had done helped. A lot! It just did not result in the change we had *hoped*. Her foot still turns inward a lot and she tends to roll it. Not as much to the top now as just to the side. But the point being, she still has a hard time walking with a flat foot on that side.

So, the plan is nothing for now. 🙂

We are going to run and play and jump and SWIM this summer. Hopefully get our potty routines completely nailed down and like second nature. We will talk to Doc again in June and at that time we will talk more about possible surgery in the fall. After pool season is over. 😉 Important things, ya know.

Until then, no more PT, just exercises at home.


2 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. That’s fantastic!! I mean, it stinks that your desired results weren’t achieved, but I’m so thankful that there’s improvement. I’m so glad you’re going to take the summer to just have fun, play, and enjoy life! I’m praying with you over the decisions to come, for her surgery, and recovery. Sure love ya, gal.

    1. Thank you much. Prayers always appreciated. While I certainly am not rushing to another surgery and the idea of another surgery just a year later, is not my ideal. I am so very thankful for our doctor. I appreciate his conservative approach. I don’t at all believe he just wants to bring her back for a second surgery for the $. I get a good vibe from this doc and trust him. I also think the fact that he immediately said “we can talk about it in June” shows he’s not rushing either. I reminded him of our pool and he’s like ‘heck yeah! we want to enjoy that…so, yeah, we’ll just watch things, talk in June, and see about scheduling in the fall if that’s what we still think needs to happen’

      It’s hard to balance though, all this. How much do you do? When do you stop, realizing it’s not going to be ‘perfect’. Some things will just be different. Some things she will just have to ‘deal with’ ya know? It’s hard sometimes to just stop and not try to *fix* it all. Because maybe this just can’t be *fixed*. Just like she will always have Spina Bifida. Maybe she will always have that crooked foot and a wobble as proof, too. 🙂

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