Monthly Archives: January 2016

Potty Time

Yeah any parent is used to seeing those words and they have a very different picture in their head than what we are dealing with here.

BabyGirl doesn’t have sensation or control of her bladder and bowel. We weren’t entirely sure her level of either, so we held off on doing anything until she was well into the typical ‘potty training age’ range.

But it is obvious she has no idea when she has to pee, only knows that she has if it is running down her leg. She has no concept of needing to poop nor how to push it out. Nothing.

So it’s time we start working on social continence. She’s five. Five year old’s are generally not wearing diapers or wetting or soiling themselves. Yep, it’s time.

We started with a cone enema routine. I dreaded this so much. I put it off when it was mentioned in passing last clinic. I’m like “no, I’m not ready for that, let’s try the less invasive tactic first…” and that we have, to no real resolve. So, enema it is.

I kept reading stories about kids sitting on the toilet for an hour at a time every night. Seriously? An hour? For a five year old? That seems so unfair and torturous! I can’t do that. Please no.

But, as I said, our previous tactic wasn’t getting us anywhere. We were always changing messy diapers. There was no timing and consistency. No catching it in the potty. So, onto the next step.

It honestly took me a while to get ‘there’. But with the great encouragement of folks on the Bowel Management page for folks with Spina Bifida, I began to feel more confident. Ok, I can do this. I have to do this. She needs to do this. We need to do this. Ok, let’s go!

I then called her doctor and they ordered us up a kit and it was here in short time.

It wasn’t so bad. It really wasn’t! We’ve done a little tweaking already, but I think we’ve settled into our routine as far as our ‘perfect solution’ and schedule.

No accidents between potty times!

Next up, call the urologist and get started on cathing so she can work on staying dry as well. I’m not as intimidated by that, but nonetheless, I’m still sitting here with the call not made, dragging my feet.

We’ll get there.