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Happy 3rd Birthday BabyGirl!

She’s three! How the heck did that happen?

BabyGirl has grown up so much recently. Ohmygoodness!

She talks non-stop. Questions, randomness, silliness, and stories. She LOVES to talk! She also loves to argue with her siblings, a habit we are trying to curb, you know, keep to reasonable levels. She argues for the sake of arguing.

She has also been making great strides physically. She is wearing a new AFO (though, I think they called it something else..sfo ??) which seems to be making some headway on her inwardly turned foot. We have determined that the turning is coming from the knee, as opposed to the hip. The hip still lacks strength, but it is supporting and not causing the twist. So, now we are trying Theratogs again. We dabbled with them before, but I was never confident our PT knew quite what she was doing with them. I mean, sure, either of us could get things wrapped around in a way that ‘made sense’, but I just wasn’t confident in her experience or expertise with them, so I feel we didn’t make it far.

But now, this PT is more confident in her approach and I feel more confident in her ability. She whipped something up right away on BabyGirl and fully explained every step. I’m feeling better about this Theratogs endeavor.

Now to get back into the habit of putting them on BabyGirl. Every day, fully dressed, Theratogs, brace and shoes. When you are a stay at home family and something like this comes along, you realize how relaxed things are and how often your small children go around half dressed. 😉

Thankfully, BabyGirl does okay with new routines. She may still whine a little bit here and there, but she still goes with the flow. I can tell her to go get her socks, brace and shoes…and she willingly does. Now if we could get there with the Theratogs, we’ll be golden! Previously, she would go get them, but she wasn’t happy about putting them on. Once on, she got over it and carried on, never giving them any more thought. But something about putting them on…she’d balk every time. And she did again yesterday at PT when they were brought out. *sigh* Hopefully she’ll lighten up on that.

Off to a great start…I just told her to go gather her things and she’s whining at me. It was the addition of “Theratogs” to that request that put her over the edge. She never fusses about the footwear.

But anyway…

She’s growing and improving so quickly. She is quite the little handful. She is very entertaining. She never fails to bring a smile to my face. She’s lovey and snuggly. She’s independent and assertive. She’s pretty darn awesome!

Happy birthday BabyGirl!