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February 2013

I haven’t checked in for a while. My apologies. It’s just that when she’s progressing along, she is just that…progressing along. And there is seemingly not much to report.

But I suppose I could break things down for you a bit.

Back in November she really started cruising. She would walk along furniture and walls in short spurts and take a few wobbly steps on her own.

Within just a few short weeks, there was less holding/cruising and much more independent walking.

She turned two in December and enjoyed a birthday cake made by sister.

Since then she has continued improving her walking skills. She has practiced standing up on her own, without the support of a chair, wall, or person. She still doesn’t do so consistently, but she *can* and we encourage it as much as possible. Calling out the “cheater!” when she crawls to a wall to pull up after a fall.

She outgrew the calf length brace some time ago. We have now gone back to the smaller, ankle support LeapFrog option. A new brace meant new shoes. Her feet had finally grown and the shoes we bought previously to accommodate the brace and insert, had then fit just her feet properly. So, the new brace was never going to fit with those shoes.

Once again it was a depressing battle. It is not easy to find shoes that will fit over the brace. We had managed to keep both shoes the same size last time and I was hoping to continue that again. We did, for the time being. But I think it is going to be better if I go back and get the smaller size in one of her new pair. 

She turns her right foot inward to accommodate for balance lost in the weakness of her left foot. We need to turn that back out. She is likely further encouraged to turn it in due to the extra length of that shoe. So, it looks like I’ll have to go buy the smaller size pair…so we can have that one smaller shoe.

That stinks to think about. Buying two pair of shoes so you can use one shoe from each. Buy two pair so you can use one. Boo! But, such is life with Spina Bifida, right? 

Then, PT came by today to check on her shoe fit. We had an annual evaluation as well. To go over our goals, see what had been accomplished, what still needed work and to set up a new treatment plan.

PT mentioned the possibility of to help with her gait and the turning in of her right foot, if there is no marked improvement over the next month or so.

That kind of kicked me in the gut.

I mean, it’s not a huge deal. But, it is.

Just another of those reminders that even as we see her making strides and making such progress, there are still deficiencies, there are still problems. She STILL has Spina Bifida.

Another reminder that…that’s never going away. It will always be. Sometimes it may seem more obvious than others. But it WILL. ALWAYS. be.

And the price on those things? Yikes!

I better get back to work filling out this application for assistance. And hope that comes through for us. It will help with her braces as well. But these small ones aren’t so bad. However the taller ones are pricey. And these Theratogs!?! Ouch!

Praying that’s not needed. But also praying that I realize it is not the end of the world if it is. I just want to do what is best for my BabyGirl. I want to continue to see her advance and grow strong. So if that means $500, out of pocket, for special clothing, so be it.