Therapy Continues

I haven’t updated here in a while, so sorry. There’s just so little to report now, yet, at the same time, I guess a lot, for those on the outside.

LilBit has been receiving physical therapy here at home twice a month. It’s nothing dramatic. The therapist watches her a bit, sees what her natural skills and inclinations are then tries to encourage her to try something else.

LilBit has a stubborn streak. She very much does things in her own time. You can’t make her do what she doesn’t want. She was that way with crawling, remember? I was beginning to feel sad that she wasn’t crawling yet. I was ‘worried’. That was like my first kicker “she’s not like the others”. But then, she took off!

From then on, we believed that’s how she operates. She’ll do things, just in her time. Well, it’s coming to be with walking too. She still not walking on her own or even standing independently. But she will cruise along furniture, she will walk holding your hands.  She will even walk while holding just one hand. Still wobbly and inconsistent stepping, but she’s doing it. And enjoys doing it.

Therapy is encouraging her to use that left leg more. Walk her up and down steps, walk short distances for purpose, such as walking to the kitchen for a snack or to the bathroom for a bath, that type of thing. She’s started pushing her ride on/push toy lately too, with control!

The other day we were outside when the therapist came so we just hung out there. We discovered the slight angle of the driveway was PERFECT for her! She would push her toy up the driveway. It provided just enough resistance that she could stay upright. In the house it gets away from her. :p

She’s progressing, just at her speed, which isn’t in any hurry. LOL


4 thoughts on “Therapy Continues

  1. I agree. being stubborn makes her strong. Thank you for the update. It helps me see what may be up ahead. My daughter is 10 mo. and just now learned how to sit on her own. crawling seems so far away for her. I have 5 kids 3 of them were crawling by now and I do get a bit worried. I wont rush anything, she is doing wonderful. I am happy to hear your little one is making progress.

  2. Thanks for the update! My daughter with the same issue is 14 months old. She has been crawling for a couple of months but doesn’t stand independently or walk yet either. We just submitted our paperwork for physical therapy as well so glad to hear it is going well for you! Maia may not stand or walk yet but she has a little dancing streak….when she hears music she gets up on her knees and with a huge smile bounces herself up and down. It’s my favorite thing right now. I guess why walk when you can dance right? 😉

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