1st Physical Therapy Eval

LilBit had her first PT appointment today.

She was impressed with her crawling. Said she was doing really well there. Then noticed how she doesn’t use her left leg much. She pulls to a stand now, but she just drags her left leg up then stands on it. Not bearing a lot of weight on that side.

We were shown an exercise to help with that. We are to encourage her to step to the left, leading with that weaker leg. LilBit did really well with that. She *would* move it just as she should. She just doesn’t do that on her own, she’d rather lead with her right and bring her left up to meet it.

So, we’ll be working with her on her standing and working toward ‘cruising’.

And…she’ll be getting AnkleFootOrthotics. Her left ankle tends to roll in and she’s lacking a good arch on that foot. So, she’ll be sporting a tiny little splint to help with all that. Meanwhile, her right foot will benefit from a simple shoe insert.

Nothing too fancy right now. I’ve seen that you can customize AFOs in some really cute ‘n funky ways. But, we weren’t given any options. These aren’t custom fitted numbers, so, maybe that’s why? But anyway, in just a few short weeks we’ll go pick those up. She’ll have to wear them all the time. That means I have to find some good socks to keep her feet from getting/staying all sweaty this summer. I’ll also have to find some shoes that will fit over it all.

I had planned on a summery pair of Robeez knock-offs…but I am not sure if that will work. If those will fit or even if she ought to wear that style of shoe. We’ll delve into that more when we go for our follow up and to retrieve the AFOs.

So, no actual ‘therapy’ right now. Just work on getting her to put weight on that left leg, to cruise, leading with the left, using the AFO. Once she’s actually walking, we’ll go from there. There’s more therapy to do at that stage…not so much at this ‘not quite walking’ stage. 😉


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