Early Intervention

Friday we have an appointment with Early Intervention.

I was confused with the phone call as this is something different than the mail I had just received.

But I talked to the gal, then I talked to my husband and it is slowly coming into focus for me. I think the deal is that doc set us up with PT at Children’s to get us moving because it can take a while for the EI to get in place. He didn’t want us to have to wait that long, he wanted us to feel forward momentum. 🙂

So, we’ll go ahead with that appointment to make sure that *is* what’s going on and what we need to do from there with all of it.

Anyway, this week: the gal is coming to visit us, get a feel for what we believe needs addressed. Then we have an evaluation in a few weeks, actually, a week after the evaluation visit at Children’s.  From there, well, I guess we’ll see from there.  Like I said, I’m still not entirely sure why I have two appointments. I have to make sure we have that all lined out. It may be that she receives care via Children’s until she gets a full eval from EI ???  Anyone have some insight/input there?

So, um, yeah, well, I guess this is step 2, huh? First step was getting the appoints with the appropriate therapies in motion…now they are in motion and will be meeting soon.

Oh, for the eval…she will be tested in 5 areas and must have a minimum 25% delay/deficiency in at least one of those in order for EI to cover her. So, we’ll see.  Weird how you can ‘wish’ for both at the same time. Of course you ultimately wish there were nothing wrong or different, so there would be no %. But then, you know there’s a difference and that this could help so you wish for the minimum so they can receive the help being offered.  Did that make sense? It didn’t come out as eloquently as it rolled around in my head. LOL But anyway, yeah, wishing for and against a 25% delay. It is obvious there is a delay/deficiency, I just don’t know to what degree. I kind of feel like..if it’s not that minimum 25%…what then?  What do we do?

Put that on my list of questions to ask Friday I suppose. 😉


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