Monthly Archives: January 2012

13 Months

Ok, so, 13 months and change. 14 months is just around the corner.

She’s been working her legs. She doesn’t go in her bouncer as much anymore, but when she does, she goes crazy bouncing. Mostly though, she just crawls everywhere and is doing better about trying to support herself when we hold her up to bounce on our legs.  She always bounces.  She doesn’t just stand, she bounces and bounces and bounces. 🙂

Lately she has been trying to pull herself up. She will try at the couch, not generally too successful. The couch is just a tad tall for her. She has, however, figured out that the hearth is just the right size. She can use it for leverage, getting her feet under her, straightens her legs all the way out, and just leans over.

She still wants to put one foot out on its heel, but it doesn’t stick as much up in the air as it once did.

Clinic is coming up in just about a week and a half. I always get a little anxious at this point. Already having an idea of what could be said, preparing myself for the ‘worst case scenario’, while seeing the positive progress and hoping for the best.  I think the big thing for me right now…is getting her walking.  Wondering if she’ll need braces of any sort. That unknown is killing me!  LOL It’s no big deal, just one of those hurdles, ya know?

She still the funnest baby we’ve had. She loves to play. She plays peek-a-boo often and her new favorite thing is to ‘shoot’ everyone. Yes, she has lots of brothers. LOL She will pick up just about anything and aim it out and make some ‘ptchu ptchu’ sound or her other sound which I cannot fathom how to put in type. It’s more of a motorboat/zerbert/spitting kind of deal. The kids love to play along when she does this, by acting like she got them. They wax all dramatic with groans and falling to the floor.  She laughs. A lot. Then shoots them again and waits for their response.

This crazy girl also likes to play roughly. She enjoys rolling around on the floor with her siblings, crawling over them, ‘pinning’ them as they pretend she’s wrestling with them. (5 of her siblings wrestle on a team) We have to be careful though, she really can get mean! She will ‘growl’ and ‘claw’ at us, often scratching faces. Biting has been attempted a time or two (or more). Not to be mean, not mad or anything. She’s just playing..puts her mouth on something then bites, even if that something is your arm.

“No” while a common word around here, is not something she takes kindly to. She does not like being told “no” at all. When she doesn’t get her way she will throw a little fit. It’s hard not to laugh, she’s so ridiculous.

And would you have guessed a one year old would have so much fun with noise putty? Ohmygosh, she loves it! The 3 yr old got some for Christmas, a sibling purchased stocking stuffer. She laughs when he plays with it, then whines until he gives her a turn. Then she never wants to give it back. At first she was cautious. Just looking, barely touching the gooey mass. Then she got a little braver and would poke a couple fingers in. Now she sticks her whole hand in and will pinch at it, though hasn’t yet figured out how to make the noises. She’s quite comical though.

She’s not been sleeping great lately though. I think it is most likely teething as at least one more tooth is emerging on top. Two on bottom, two on top with another emerging. Love those little toothy smiles. 🙂

I’ll post again after her clinic. 🙂