Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.  A year since she was born. Nearly a year since her surgeries.  Nearly a year since we were thrown into a whole new world.

But here we are.

Here she is.

Our wild and crazy, fun and energetic, sweet and precious LilBit.  Who, coincidentally isn’t so ‘lil’ anymore. Well, I guess for age, she may still be on the smaller side..age vs weight and all, but, compared to her 7# start, she doesn’t look so little anymore. Weighing in right at 20# and moving into size 18 months clothing, she’s hardly ‘lil’ anymore.  Except those feet.  Those teeny little feet.  Still wearing those same teeny little shoe socks. Size 0-6 months. Her ankles are outgrowing them, her feet, not so much. 😉

She has brought much fun and joy to our family.  A joy that has been widespread. Friends (and family) from all over the globe have been wooed and blessed by this little girl.

Caught her mid-blink, I do believe.

She’s generally a happy baby, full of smiles.  A smile of 2, going on 3, teeth.  I just today noticed a top tooth about to emerge.

She’s still disinterested in standing. However, she is reaching super sonic speeds with her crawling. She’s learning to not hover by the top of the stairs, thereby also learning the word ‘no’. As evidenced by the first photo, she loves to point. “daaa” or  “mdaaa” as if to say “what is that?” We answer and she smacks her lips in a funny ‘nomnom’ like sound and nods her head in agreement.  She still loves to play the squealing game, engaging every sibling. She is very much in love with the kitty.  Kitty doesn’t share this enthrallment, but he tolerates nicely.

LilBit has been enjoying the Christmas tree.  Something she didn’t partake of at all last year due to hospital stays. As we put the lights on she grabbed the strands, but has left them alone, for the most part, once on the tree.  She has tapped at a few low ornaments, but hasn’t knocked down or removed a single one. Oh, except for the candy cane today. Which was removed before she got a taste. Much to her disappointment.

Our little princess has brought us many tears her first few weeks, but the number of smiles and quantity of joy ever since has far outweighed that rough start.

Happy birthday LilBit, we love you so very much!