Monthly Archives: September 2011

On The Verge

LilBit is 9 months now and oh so close to crawling!  She may be a smidge ‘behind’ but she is progressing well. She has recently started getting her knees up under her and holding her belly off the floor.

She rocks back and forth s bit. All those little signs that says mobility is soon.

She doesn’t like to put her feet down though if you stand her up. She will, at times, let them down, but she is slow to try to use them. She will hardly ever put weight on them.

We’ve been working on stretching. That right foot stays pulled up most of the time.  When we try to get her to stand she will put the heel down, toes still pointing to the sky.

She’s such a fun baby! So happy, most of the time. 😉  She has such an awesome laugh! Ohmygosh! hehe She loves to squeal and has screaming/squealing contests with her siblings. She looooves to grab faces and hair. She will grin and giggle. She makes it very hard to get away.

She says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ fairly regularly. She gets very excited when she sees the kitty, and if you say ‘kitty’ or his name she will start looking for him, smiling. Kitty is learning to be patient with her and, if he thinks no one is watching, he will even mosey over to LilBit when she’s sitting on the floor with her toys, and rub against her.

We’ve also been working on some signs. I’m never as consistent as I envision with this, but we managed to get some in and she will sign “more” It’s really cute to see her sitting with daddy at night, as we’re getting ready for bed. She’s trying to get fussy and he says “it’s ok, mama’s coming, just a minute” Then she will see me walk past and start signing “more more” Cracks hubs up every time.

I keep meaning to take some more pictures, I just haven’t yet.  I desperately need my short lens back for my camera. I’ve all but abandoned my Nikon since that lens died. Only so much I can do with the 55-200.  I much prefer closer shots!