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8 Month Check-up

Yesterday Lil Bit went for her clinic appointment.  Remember, the appointment at Children’s where she meets with all of her doctors: the neurosurgeon, urologist, physical therapist, general care…

They last saw her at about 2 months of age.  Here it was, six months later.

We got in right away for her xray, which is to monitor her scoliosis.  She got xrays on her back/torso as well as her hips.

From there she quickly got in for her bladder/renal ultrasound.

She wasn’t very happy about either of them.  She did not want to lie down.  She wasn’t all out crazy fit throwing, but she was fussy and letting everyone know this was *not* what she wanted.

But we managed. 🙂

Then we had to wait another two hours before the doctors started making their rounds. Two hours!  Of just sitting around, waiting, doing nothing. Trying to keep an 8 month old happy, out of her element.

We sat in the lobby for a while, comfy couches there as opposed to the little waiting room chairs.  Then we grabbed some lunch.  Got back to the waiting room a little early and again were able to get right in.  That doesn’t mean things went quickly mind you, just, a bit quickER.

Funny, just as before, the child grabbed attention wherever she went.  This time, it was her chubby thighs that would draw folks in from down the hall.  Everybody squee-ing over her luscious chubbiness.  Funny stuff.

Anyway, then the doctors start coming in.  It still amazes me how we can wait so long yet each meeting with a doctor is over in about 3 minutes :p

Two of the neurosurgeon’s helpers come in, at different times.  First a fellow doctor/trainee ?? I forget.  Later followed by his nurse we remembered from before. They just ask a couple questions..basically: how are things? any problems? questions?  And that’s it.

The urologist comes in and says the ultrasounds look good.  We still don’t really know anything there yet.  We don’t know if she has control yet.  But there are no problems noted at this point.

We knew we wouldn’t know much in that area.  We have been fully aware that we won’t know anything really about her bladder and bowel function until she is in the potty training years.  So, no new news there.

Then the physical therapist comes in and checks her leg function. Yes, the one leg is a bit shorter.  Yes, the one foot tends to flex up a lot.  Yes, the one calf is weaker.  No, she doesn’t point/flatten her feet much.  No, that does not mean she won’t walk.  She is expected to walk just fine.  Might she need AFOs? Perhaps. But at this point, he thinks it won’t so much be ‘needed’ as in, mandatory in order for her to walk.  But rather, it might be desired, beneficial, to help her walk BETTER.  Oh, an AFO is an ankle foot orthosis.  A brace that fits under the foot and just around the ankle to help support and position those areas for standing and walking.  Here’s an example: AFOs

Again, nothing I didn’t expect to hear.  She may be slightly behind developmentally, but only slightly.  Again, we knew this.  We knew she was a bit slower to reach the milestones, but nothing major.  Still within the normal ranges. 🙂

Neurosurgeon comes in, again with like 3 questions.  Not even really pointed questions, it doesn’t seem.  He says she looks good, see you in a year.  The others want to see her back in 6 months.  Or, I guess only the urologist specified 6 months, the others just said ‘whenever everyone else wants you back’.

So, a good report.  Everything I expected, no surprises.





Clinic Tomorrow

This feels like such a big deal.  Her first clinic in quite some time.  You know, after all the calm has settled.  After the surgeries.  After the necessary, immediate follow-ups.

This is the…we’ve gone on and have been living life, now time to stop and assess things..visit.

I am positive and hopeful.  Yet, realistic.

I understand the things that could be noticed and brought up.  I understand the uncertainty that still surrounds us.

But I have seen her grow and progress and am hopeful.

She is reaching milestones.  She is advancing.

We will see to what degree I suppose.  And we will hear more on the ‘hidden’ issues of bladder and bowel.

I’ll post back with the report. 🙂