Monthly Archives: May 2011

5 month pics

I promised pictures, here they are.

Yes, we love the flowers/bows/headbands. 🙂

I really liked the filtered b/w on this.

Mmmm bebe lips.

I don’t mess with editing much. For one, I don’t have fancy programs 😉 Two, I really don’t have the a) learn the fancy programs or b) actually do the edits :-p And three, I’m lazy and uncreative. I do well to get the shots taken, as you’ve likely noticed. Let’s just be happy with that, shall we?

I do sure love me some sepia though. 🙂

As for a more formal ‘update’..she’s doing great.  Growing nicely, you can see. Oh if only I’d gotten a good shot of her chunky legs. Oh my word! To die for! hehe

Her latest skills include raspberries, grabbing things and maneuvering them to her mouth. She’s getting better at sitting with assistance and tolerates a little more tummy time here and there.

She thinks her siblings are silly, giggling at them often. She’s also learning how to pet the kitty. He’s been surprisingly patient. Not exactly what I would call “willing” mind you, but tolerant, in very short bursts. She giggled today as she pet kitty. Kitty was outstretched against a windowsill, LilBit reached at his belly and ended up stroking him, full length twice. She just giggled. Again, kitty tolerated, but wasn’t amused. That was good though, usually a sibling “forces” kitty to get a petting. :-p

Oh, and she’s teething.  Yay, another early teether. Um, yeah, not so much.

Lover her up though!!